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Dette er 5000 Bergens Topp 999 fra 2000 tallet. Hver fredag 18.00 – 22.00 teller vi oss ned og inviterer til stor finalefest Fredag 25.November.

Her er listen så langt:

999        Danzel                                                                              Pump It Up

998        DJ Aligator                                                                      The Whistle Song

997        Marilyn Manson                                                           Personal Jesus

996        Da Muttz                                                                         Wassuup!

995        Grandiosa                                                                       Respekt For Grandiosa

994        Organic                                                                           Big Brother

993        Christian Strand                                                            Maybe Baby

992        Racer                                                                               Bønda Fra Nord 2000

991        David                                                                               Wild at Heart

990        Jaa9 & Onklp Feat. Rune Rudberg                           Stank Ass Ho 2

989        Rihanna                                                                          Shut Up And Drive

988        Korn                                                                                Coming Undone

987        Against Me!                                                                  Trash Unreal

986        Katie Melua                                                                   Nine Million Bicycles

985        Bloodhound Gang                                                        Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

984        Chipz                                                                               CH!PZ In Black (Who You Gonna Call)

983        Robbie Williams                                                            Radio

982        Inga From Sweden                                                       My Name Is Inga

981        Scissor Sisters                                                               Take Your Mama

980        Surferosa                                                                       Saturday Night

979        Carrie Underwood                                                       Before He Cheats

978        Pakito                                                                             Living on Video

977        No Doubt Feat. Lady Saw                                           Underneath It All

976        Oasis                                                                               Go Let It Out

975        Da Buzz                                                                           How Could You Leave Me

974        Bob Marley & The Wailers Feat Ms. Lauryn Hill  Turn Your Lights Down Low

973        Drake Feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem    Forever

972        Michael Bublé                                                              Haven’t Met You Yet

971        JAY-Z                                                                               Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

970        Alexandra Burke Feat. Laza Morgan                       Start Without You

969        Sean Kingston                                                               Me Love

968        Roxette                                                                           Opportunity Nox

967        The National Bank                                                       Tolerate

966        Venke Knutson                                                             Holiday

965        Postgirobygget                                                             Tidløs

964        Muse                                                                               New Born

963        Sean Paul                                                                       Like Glue

962        Philip Feat. Sandra Lyng                                             Sommerflørt

961        Prince                                                                              Musicology

960        Cape                                                                                Tic Tac

959        The Postal Service                                                       Such Great Heights

958        Amy Winehouse                                                          Back to Black

957        The Mo Feat. Kris Le Mans                                        Nostalgia Locomotive

956        Liam Lynch                                                                    United States Of Whatever

955        2Pac                                                                                Ghetto Gospel

954        The Supermen Lovers Feat. Mani Hoffman          Starlight

953        Radiohead                                                                     Pyramid Song

952        Scooter                                                                           Shake That!

951        Madonna                                                                       Give It 2 Me

950        Linkin Park                                                                     New Divide

949        S Club 7                                                                          Don’t Stop Movin’

948        Rachel Stevens                                                             Sweet Dreams My LA Ex

947        Weezer                                                                           Pork And Beans

946        Alanis Morissette                                                        Everything

945        Phoenix                                                                          Lisztomania

944        Tiziano Ferro                                                                 Perdono

943        Galaxee                                                                          Lullaby

942        Shaggy                                                                            Strength Of A Woman

941        Oral Bee                                                                         Penger

940        Yohanna                                                                         Is It True?

939        Powderfinger                                                                My Happiness

938        R. Kelly                                                                            The Storm Is Over Now

937        Vengaboys                                                                     Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine)

936        King Africa                                                                     La Bomba

935        P!nk                                                                                 Family Portrait

934        Pearl Jam                                                                       Just Breathe

933        t.A.T.u.                                                                           Not Gonna Get Us

932        Maroon 5                                                                      Harder To Breather

931        Will Smith introducing Traknox                                Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)

930        Peaches                                                                          Rosa helikopter

929        Travis                                                                              Re-offender

928        Westlife                                                                         Uptown Girl

927        Miley Cyrus                                                                   The Climb

926        Limp Bizkit                                                                     Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)

925        SpritneyBears                                                                The Bumpisong

924        Nas                                                                                  I Can

923        Kardinal Offishall Feat. Akon                                     Dangerous

922        Yeah Yeah Yeahs                                                         Heads Will Roll

921        Take That                                                                       Patience

920        Primal Scream                                                              Country Girl

919        Fronda Feat. Käp                                                         Rullar Fram

918        Twista Feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx                  Slow Jamz

917        Stacie Orrico                                                                 Stuck

916        The BlackSheeps                                                          Oro Jáska Beana

915        Klovner I Kamp                                                             Kaninkoker 2

914        Madcon                                                                          Liar

913        Sondre Lerche                                                              Two Way Monologue

912        Bomfunk MC’s Feat. Jessica Folcker                        (Crack It) Something Going On

911        Basement Jaxx                                                             Romeo

910        Bosson                                                                            One In A Million

909        Ozzy Osbourne                                                             Dreamer

908        Paolo Nutini                                                                  Last Request

907        Dina                                                                                 Bli hos meg

906        A1                                                                                    Take on Me

905        Yves Larock                                                                   Rise Up

904        Hanah                                                                             Hollywood Lie

903        Ryan Adams                                                                  New York, New York

902        Yael Naim                                                                      New Soul

901        Natasha Bedingfield                                                    Unwritten

900        Annie                                                                               Heartbeat

899        Nelly Furtado                                                                I’m Like A Bird

898        Travis                                                                              Flowers In The Window

897        Jim Stärk                                                                        Morning Song

896        Sivert Høyem                                                                Moon Landing

895        98 Degrees                                                                    Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)

894        Wyclef Jean Feat. Hope                                             Perfect Gentleman

893        Kim Lukas                                                                      All I Really Want

892        Kelis                                                                                 Caught Out There

891        Dropkick Murphy’s                                                      Kiss Me I’m #!@’faced

890        Wig Wam                                                                       In My Dreams

889        T.I. Feat. Justin Timberlake                                        Dead And Gone

888        Thirty Seconds To Mars Feat. Kanye West            Hurricane 2.0

887        Christina Milian                                                            AM To PM

886        Gym Class Heroes                                                       Cupid’s Chokehold

885        Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band                Think Twice

884        Puddle Of Mud                                                             Blurry

883        Christian Ingebrigtsen                                                Things Are Gonna Change

882        Aqua                                                                                Back To The 80’s

881        Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti                                                   Always On Time

880        Rammstein                                                                    Pussy

879        Kaizers Orchestra                                                        Die Polizei

878        Christian Walz                                                              Wonderchild

877        R.E.M.                                                                             Bad Day

876        Stone Sour                                                                     Through Glass

875        Timbuktu Feat. Chords & Supreme                         Det löser sej

874        Hot Action Cop                                                            Fever for the Flava

873        Red Hot Chili Peppers                                                 Snow (Hey Oh)

872        Mendez                                                                          Razor Tongue

871        Rihanna                                                                          Rude Boy

870        U2                                                                                    City Of Blinding Lights

869        Robbie Williams Feat. Pet Shop Boys                     She’s Madonna

868        Franz Ferdinand                                                           Do You Want To

867        Ludacris Feat. Shawnna                                              Stand Up

866        Ravi me De Lilos                                                          Neste Såmer

865        Nina Sky Feat. Jabba                                                   Move Ya Body

864        Jennifer Lopez                                                              Ain’t It Funny

863        The Spooks                                                                    Things I’ve Seen

862        Kings of Leon                                                                Closer

861        Sidney Samson                                                             Riverside

860        James Blunt                                                                   Wisemen

859        Lenka                                                                              Trouble Is A Friend

858        Seether                                                                           Remedy

857        Kurt Nilsen Feat. Willie Nelsen                                 Lost Highway

856        t.A.T.u.                                                                           All About Us

855        September                                                                     Cry For You

854        LCD Soundsystem                                                        All My Friends

853        M.O.P Feat. Busta Rhymes, Teflon & Remi Martin            Ante Up

852        Günther                                                                          Ding Ding Song

851        P.O.D.                                                                             Youth of the Nation

850        Saybia                                                                             Angel

849        Morten Abel                                                                 I’ll Come Back and Love You Forever

848        John Mayer                                                                   Edge of Desire

847        Disturbed                                                                       Down with the Sickness

846        Equicez                                                                           Barnslig

845        Roxette                                                                           Milk and Toast and Honey

844        Uniting Nations                                                            Out of Touch

843        Razorlight                                                                      Somewhere Else

842        Placebo                                                                          Running Up That Hill

841        Until June                                                                      Sleepless

840        Reset                                                                               Calling You

839        Babyshambles                                                               Delivery

838        John The Whistler                                                       I’m In Love

837        P!nk                                                                                 Who Knew

836        Gorillaz                                                                           Dare

835        OK Go                                                                             Get Over It

834        Damian Marley                                                            Welcome To Jamrock

833        The Disco Boys Feat. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band            For You

832        Remy Zero                                                                     Save Me

831        In-Grid                                                                            Tu Es Foutu

830        The Killers                                                                      When You Were Young

829        Lene Marlin                                                                   Here We Are

828        Karpe                                                                              Piano

827        Nine Inch Nails                                                             The Hand That Feeds

826        Spetakkel Feat. Myrna                                               Kem Rokker?

825        Supermode                                                                    Tell Me Why

824        Hinder                                                                             Lips Of An Angel

823        Chingy                                                                             Right Thurr

822        Alcazar                                                                            Crying at the Discoteque

821        Justin Timberlake                                                        Rock Your Body

820        Jordin Sparks Feat. Chris Brown                            No Air

819        Leona Lewis                                                                  Better in Time

818        Toploader                                                                      Dancing in the Moonlight

817        T.I.                                                                                   Whatever You Like

816        St. Thomas                                                                    A Long Long Time

815        Keith Urban                                                                   Somebody Like You

814        Garbage                                                                         Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)

813        Janet Jackson                                                               All For You

812        Lenny Kravitz                                                                Again

811        Tone Damli                                                                    Butterflies

810        Amerie                                                                            1 Thing

809        Sichelle                                                                           Fuck Deg

808        Eric Hutchinson                                                            Rock & Roll

807        A Fine Frenzy                                                                 Almost Lover

806        Usher Feat. Young Jeezy                                            Love In This Club

805        Toni Braxton                                                                 He Wasn’t Man Enough

804        Kid Cudi Feat. Crookers                                             Day ‘N’ Nite – Crookers Remix

803        The Wombats                                                               Let’s Dance To «Joy Division»

802        Maria Haukaas Storeng                                             Hold on Be Strong

801        Rihanna                                                                          Take A Bow

800        Red Hot Chili Peppers                                                 Dani California

799        Rob Thomas                                                                  Lonely No More

798        Eve                                                                                  Who’s That Girl?

797        Enrique Iglesias                                                            Escape

796        OneRepublic                                                                  Stop and Stare

795        Sean Paul                                                                       We Be Burnin’

794        Enya                                                                                May It Be

793        James Morrisson                                                         You Give Me Something

792        John Legend                                                                  Used to Love U

791        Interpol                                                                          Evil

790        Kate Winslet                                                                 What If

789        Mary Mary                                                                    Shackles (Praise You)

788        Amy Diamond                                                               What’s In It For Me

787        Erik & Kriss Feat. Finn Wang                                     Det E’kke Meg Det Er Deg

786        U2                                                                             Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own

785        Espen Lind                                                                     Scared of Heights

784        Melissa Horn                                                                Jag kan inte skilja på

783        Eels                                                                                  That Look You Give That Guy

782        Ne-Yo                                                                             So Sick

781        Ingrid Olava                                                                  Only Just Began

780        Stacie Orrico                                                                 (There’s Got to Be) More to Life

779        Oasis                                                                               Little By Little

778        Simple Plan                                                                   Perfect

777        The Shapeshifters                                                        Lola’s Theme

776        Trucks                                                                             It’s Just Porn Mum

775        Sunrise Avenue                                                            Fairytale Gone Bad

774        Gabrielle                                                                        Rise

773        Marit Larsen                                                                 Don’t Save Me

772        Robbie Williams                                                           Bodies

771        Sugababes                                                                     Round Round

770        Maria Arredondo                                                         Just A Little Heartache

769        No Doubt Feat. Bounty Killer                                    Hey Baby

768        Sheryl Crow                                                                  Soak Up The Sun

767        Nelly Feat. City Spud                                                   Ride Wit Me

766        Thirty Seconds To Mars                                             Kings And Queens

765        kent                                                                                 Kärleken väntar

764        Shania Twain                                                                I’m Gonna Getcha Good

763        Ice                                                                                   Can’t Get Over You

762        Jordin Sparks                                                                Battlefield

761        A-Moe                                                                            Mom Is Home

760        The White Stripes                                                        Jolene – Live Under Blackpool Lights

759        Paloma Faith                                                                 New York

758        Alizée                                                                              Moi… Lolita

757        T.I. Feat. Rihanna                                                         Live Your Life

756        Paramore                                                                       Misery Business

755        Rollergirl                                                                        Luv U More

754        Lil Wayne                                                                       A Milli

753        Deadmau5 Feat. Rob Swire                                       Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff

752        Public Domain                                                              Operation Blade (Bass In The Place)

751        Zac Brown Band                                                           Chicken Fried

750        Kashmir                                                                          Mouthful of Wasps

749        The Big Pink                                                                  Dominoes

748        The Darkness                                                                Love Is Only a Feeling

747        Empire of the Sun                                                       Walking On A Dream

746        Timbaland Feat. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado          Give It To Me

745        The Getaway People                                                There She Goes

744        Dave Matthews Band                                              The Space Between

743        Robbie Williams                                                       Come Undone

742        Roger Sanchez                                                           Another Chance

741        Spiller Feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor                           Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)

740        Thomas Rusiak Feat. Teddybears                        Hiphopper

739        The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus                               Face Down

738        The Sounds                                                               Living in America

737        The Hives                                                                   Tick Tick Boom

736        Kanye West                                                                Love Lockdown

735        Live                                                                              Heaven

734        Weezer                                                                        Beverly Hills

733        Laze                                                                              Steppin’ Out

732        Incubus                                                                       Megalomaniac

731        Fragma Feat. Maria R                                              Everytime You Need Me

730        Meat Loaf                                                                  Couldn’t Have Said It Better

729        Robyn                                                                         Be Mine!

728        The Kooks                                                                  Naive

727        J-Kwon                                                                       Tipsy

726        Flogging Molly                                                          Drunken Lullabies

725        Green Day                                                                  21 Guns

724        Puddle Of Mudd                                                       She Hates Me

723        Gabrielle                                                                    Out Of Reach

722        John Mayer                                                               Waiting On the World to Change

721        Terror Squad Feat. Fat Joe & Remy                     Lean Back

720        Morten Abel                                                              You Are the One Lalala

719        The Libertines                                                            Time For Heroes

718        Erlend Bratland                                                         Lost

717        Gossip                                                                           Heavy Cross

716        Westlife                                                                       When You’re Looking Like That

715        Johnossi                                                                       Man Must Dance

714        The Thrills                                                                    Big Sur

713        Erik & Kriss                                                                  Den Låta

712        Bow Wow Feat. Snoop Dogg                                    Bow Wow (That’s My Name)

711        Marit Larsen                                                                 Under the Surface

710        Karpe                                                                              Under Overflaten (som Marit Larsen)

709        Nerina Pallot                                                                 Everybody’s Going To War

708        Will Smith                                                                      Switch

707        Within Temptation Feat. Keith Caputo                  What Have You Done

706        The Strokes                                                                   You Only Live Once

705        Travis                                                                              Side

704        Il Caesar                                                                         Silencio

703        Infernal                                                                           From Paris to Berlin

702        Kaizers Orchestra                                                        Maestro

701        [Ingenting]                                                                    Halleluja!

700        Håkan Hellström                                                          Känn ingen sorg for mig Göteborg

699        The Offspring                                                                Spare Me The Details

698        Reamonn                                                                       Supergirl

697        Nelly Furtado Feat. Timbaland                                  Promiscuous

696        Beck                                                                                Lost Cause

695        Justin Timberlake                                                        Like I Love You

694        The Hives                                                                       Hate To Say I Told You So

693        Fat Joe Feat. Ja Rule & Ashanti                               What’s Luv?

692        Caesars                                                                          Jerk It Out

691        The Streets                                                                    Fit but You Know It

690        Hercules & Love Affair                                               Blind

689        Green Day                                                                     Holiday

688        Kosheen                                                                         Catch

687        White Lies                                                                     To Lose My Life

686        Ephemera                                                                      Girls Keep Secrets in the Strangest Ways

685        Courteeners                                                                  Not Nineteen Forever

684        Placebo                                                                           The Bitter End

683        Fragma                                                                           Toca’s Miracle

682        System Of A Down                                                      Toxicity

681        Gavin DeGraw                                                              I Don’t Want to Be

680        The Shins                                                                     New Slang

679        Danko Jones                                                                 Dance

678        DJ Løv Feat. Ravi                                                        Dødsøt

677        The Fratellis                                                                  Chelsea Dagger

676        Ice                                                                                   Stay

675        Brandy Feat. Ray J                                                      Another Day in Paradise

674        Fort Minor Feat. Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga Where’d You Go

673        Erik & Kriss                                                                    Dra Tilbake

672        O-Zone                                                                           Despre Tine

671        Pacific Blue                                                                    Ocean

670        Kelis                                                                                 Trick Me

669        Jason Derulo                                                                 Whatcha Say

668        Johnny Cash                                                                  Hurt

667        Røyksopp Feat. Karin Dreijer                                     What Else Is There?

666        Depeche Mode                                                            Wrong

665        Timbuktu                                                                        Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö

664        La Roux                                                                          Bulletproof

663        Tiësto                                                                              Traffic

662        Mark Ronson Feat. Amy Winehouse                       Valerie

661        Nick Cave & The Bad Se eds                                      Nature Boy

660        Volbeat                                                                           We

659        Donkeyboy                                                                    Sometimes

658        Metallica                                                                        The Day That Never Comes

657        Grizzly Bear                                                                   Two Weeks

656        Robbie Williams                                                           Rock DJ

655        The Ting Tings                                                              That’s Not My Name

654        David Guetta Feat. Chris Willis                                 Love Is Gone

653        Missy Elliott Feat. Ludacris                                        Gossip Folks

652        Manic Street Preachers                                              Autumnsong

651        Dum Dum Boys                                                            Enhjørning

650        Iio Feat. Nadia Ali                                                        Rapture

649        Foo Fighters                                                                  Long Road To Ruin

648        Justin Timberlake Feat. T.I.                                       My Love

647        Death Cab For Cutie                                                   I Will Follow You Into The Dark

646        Gest                                                                                 Historie

645        Gareth Gates                                                                Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistake)

644        Kings of Convenience                                                 I’d Rather Dance With You

643        James Morrisson Feat. Nelly Furtado                     Broken Strings

642        Kelly Clarkson                                                               Because of You

641        The Chemical Brothers                                               Galvanize

640        Feeder                                                                            Feeling A Moment

639        Pearl Jam                                                                       I Am Mine

638        Fedde Le Grand                                                            Put Your Hands Up for Detroit

637        Evanescence                                                                 Going Under

636        Maria Mena                                                                  You’re the Only One

635        Eminem                                                                          Sing For The Moment

634        My Chemical Romance                                              Welcome to the Black Parade

633        Razorlight                                                                      America

632        The Prodigy                                                                   Omen

631        Panic! At The Disco                                                     I Write Sins Not Tragedies

630        E-Type                                                                            True Believer

629        U2                                                                                  Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

628        Håkan Hellström                                                          Kom igen Lena!

627        Kate Ryan                                                                      Désenchantée

626        Good Charlotte                                                            Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous

625        Thirty Seconds To Mars The                                     Kill (Bury Me)

624        Kanye West                                                                   Jesus Walks

623        Boyzvoice                                                                      Let Me Be Your Father X-Mas

622        Lasgo                                                                              Blue

621        The Killers                                                                      Ready My Mind

620        Celine Dion                                                                    That’s the Way It Is

619        Ida Maria                                                           I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

618        Jennifer Lopez Feat. Ja Rule                                      I’m Real – Murder Remix

617        Dido                                                                                Life for Rent

616        Marc Anthony                                                               I Need to Know

615        Mauro Picotto                                                              Komodo

614        Lily Allen                                                                        Not Fair

613        Usher                                                                              U Remind Me

612        White Lies                                                                     Farewell To The Fairground

611        Gary Jules Feat. Michael Andrews                           Mad World

610        Avril Lavigne                                                                 Sk8ter Boi

609        DJ Ötzi                                                                            Hey Baby

608        Morten Abel                                                                 The Birmingham Ho

607        P!nk                                                                                 Just Like a Pill

606        Coldplay                                                                         Violet Hill

605        Saybia                                                                             The Second You Sleep

604        kent                                                                                 Ingenting

603        City High                                                                        What Would You Do?

602        Busta Rhymes Feat. Mariah Carey & Flipmode Squad      I Know What You Want

601        Enya                                                                                Only Time

600        Outlandish Feat. Isam Bachiri, Waqas & Lenny Martinez               Aicha

599        O-Town                                                                          All or Nothing

598        Espen Lind                                                                     Unloved

597        Gwen Stefani Feat. Eve                                              Rich Girl

596        Maria Arredondo Feat. Christian Ingebrigtsen     In Love With An Angel

595        Alex Gaudino Feat. Crystal Waters                          Destination Calabria

594        Addis Black Widow                                                      Goes Around Comes Around

593        David Gray                                                                     The One I Love

592        Brian McFadden                                                           Real to Me

591        The Pussycat Dolls                                                      When I Grow Up

590        Papa Roach                                                                   Last Resort

589        Faith Hill                                                                         There You’ll Be

588        D12                                                                                  Purple Pills

587        Alejandro Fuentes                                                       Hell If I

586        Animal Alpha                                                                Bundy

585        Editors                                                                            Papillon

584        Peter Bjorn and John                                                  Young Folks

583        DJ Quicksilver                                                                Ameno

582        Meat Loaf                                                                     Did I Say That?

581        Slipknot                                                                          Snuff

580        Bubba Sparxxx                                                              Ugly

579        Phantom Planet                                                           California

578        Ian van Dahl Feat. Marsha                                         Castles in the Sky

577        Tennis                                                                             Here Comes the Coastguard

576        Cidinho & Doca                                                            Rap Das Armas

575        Good Charlotte                                                            The Anthem

574        The Gaslight Anthem                                                  The ’59 Sound

573        Foo Fighters                                                                  Times Like These

572        Queens of the Stone Age                                           Make It Wit Chu

571        Hampenberg                                                                 Grab That Thing

570        Sum 41                                                                           In Too Deep

569        Justin Timberlake                                                        What Goes Around…/… Comes Around

568        Scooter                                                                           The Logical Song

567        Green Day                                                                     Know Your Enemy

566        Rednex                                                                           Hold Me for a While

565        Wolfmother                                                                  Joker & The Thief

564        Boyzvoice                                                                      We Are The Playmomen

563        The Fray                                                                         How to Save a Life

562        Kelis                                                                                 Milkshake

561        The Chicks                                                                     Not Ready to Make Nice

560        Elbow                                                                              One Day Like This

559        Pitbull                                                                              Hotel Room Service

558        Jaa9 & Onklp                                                                 Blog

557        Thåström                                                                       Fanfanfan

556        Maxim Feat. Skin                                                         Carmen Queasy

555        Millencolin                                                                     The Ballad

554        Damien Rice                                                                 The Blower’s Daughter

553        Enrique Iglesias                                                            Tired Of Being Sorry

552        Limp Bizkit                                                                     Take A Look Around

551        Wu-Tang Clan                                                               Gravel Pit

550        U2                                                                                    Elevation

549        Modest Mouse                                                             Float On

548        Biffy Clyro                                                                      Who’s Got a Match?

547        Destiny’s Child                                                              Bootylicious

546        Moby                                                                              Lift Me Up

545        Black Eyed Peas                                                            Hey Mama

544        Sash!                                                                               Adelante

543        Velvet Revolver                                                            Slither

542        Avril Lavigne                                                                 Don’t Tell Me

541        Bjørn Hellfuck                                                               Krabbeklo

540        Ludacris                                                                          Get Back

539        Folk & Røvere Feat. Ravi                                            Utadæsjælåpplevelse

538        The Roots Feat. Cody Chestnutt                               The Seed (2.0)

537        Bryan Adams                                                                 Here I Am

536        Dante Thomas Feat. Pras                                           Miss California

535        Blu Cantrell                                                                   Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)

534        Basshunter                                                                    Every Morning

533        Lonestar                                                                         I’m Already There

532        Nelly                                                                                Country Grammar (Hot Shit)

531        David Cook                                                                    Light On

530        Bertine Zetlitz                                                               Fake Your Beauty

529        Wyclef Jean, Mary J. Blige                                         911

528        Belle & Sebastian                                                        Another Sunny Day

527        Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone                           Ridin’

526        Rihanna                                                                          Russian Roulette

525        Coldplay                                                                         Clocks

524        Missy Elliott                                                                  Work It

523        Tom Jones & Mousse T.                                             Sexbomb

522        Shakira Feat. Alejandro Sanz                                     La Tortura

521        Cage The Elephant                                                      Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

520        Sara Bareilles                                                                Love Song

519        Fergie                                                                              London Bridge

518        Seether Feat. Amy Lee                                               Broken

517        Counting Crows                                                            Accidentally In Love

516        Blue                                                                                 Breathe Easy

515        Fatman Scoop Feat. Crooklyn Clan                         Be Faithful

514        Fall Out Boy                                                                  This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

513        Da Buzz                                                                           Wanna Be With Me?

512        Eric Prydz Vs. Floyd                                                     Proper Education

511        Ana Johnsson                                                                We Are

510        Train                                                                                Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)

509        Titiyo                                                                               Come Along

508        Sophie Ellis-Bextor                                                      Murder On The Dancefloor

507        Jack Johnson                                                                  Better Together

506        Green Day                                                                     American Idiot

505        Cascada                                                                         What Hurts The Most

504        Daniel Bedingfield                                                       If You’re Not the One

503        Gwen Stefani                                                                Hollaback Girl

502        Craig David                                                                    Walking Away

501        The Streets                                                                    Dry Your Eyes

500        Maroon 5                                                                      She Will Be Loved

499        N.E.R.D                                                                           She Likes to Move

498        Matchbox Twenty                                                        Unwell

497        Lene Marlin                                                                   You Weren’t There

496        Sugababes                                                                     Hole in the Head

495        Vanessa Carlton                                                           A Thousand Miles

494        Madison Avenue                                                          Don’t Call Me Baby

493        Marit Larsen                                                                 If a Song Could Get Me To You

492        Vampire Weekend                                                      A-Punk

491        Briskeby                                                                         Propaganda

490        Beyoncé Feat. Sean Paul                                            Baby Boy

489        Veronica Maggio                                                         Måndagsbarn

488        blink-182                                                                        The Rock Show

487        Da Buzz                                                                           Do You Want Me

486        Sigur Rós                                                                       Hoppípolla

485        The Offspring                                                                Want You Bad

484        Bon Jovi                                                                         Thank You For Loving Me

483        Paperboys Feat. Madcon                                           Barcelona

482        P!nk                                                                                 Trouble

481        Bigbang                                                                          Girl in Oslo

480        Lasgo                                                                              Something

479        Nickelback                                                                     Gotta Be Somebody

478        Westlife                                                                         My Love

477        Coldplay                                                                         Trouble

476        Beastie Boys                                                                 Ch-Check It Out

475        Bruce Springsteen                                                       Radio Nowhere

474        Christina Aguilera                                                        Ain’t No Other Man

473        Florence + The Machine                                             Dog Days Are Over

472        Aventura                                                                        Obsession

471        Fleet Foxes                                                                    White Winter Hymnal

470        Marc Anthony                                                               You Sang To Me

469        Bon Iver                                                                         Skinny Love

468        Joss Stone                                                                      Right To Be Wrong

467        Bon Jovi                                                                         (You Want To) Make A Memory

466        Manu Chao                                                                   Me Gustas Tu

465        CC Cowboys                                                                  Kanskje Du Behøver Noen

464        Multicyde                                                                       A Better Day

463        Bjørn Eidsvåg Feat. Elvira Nikolaisen                      Floden

462        Flo-Rida Feat. T-Pain                                                  Low

461        Melissa Horn                                                                Lät du henne komma närmare

460        Avril Lavigne                                                                 I’m With You

459        Lil Wayne Feat. Static Major                                     Lollipop

458        Mary J. Blige                                                                 Family Affair

457        Manic Street Preachers Feat. Nina Persson          Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

456        The Dandy Warhols                                                    Bohemian Like You

455        Røyksopp                                                                       Eple

454        Muse                                                                               Time Is Running Out

453        U2                                                                                    Vertigo

452        Chicane Feat. Bryan Adams                                       Don’t Give Up

451        Snoop Dogg Feat. Akon                                             I Wanna Fuck You

450        Kelly Clarkson                                                               Since U Been Gone

449        Annie                                                                               Chewing Gum

448        Scooter                                                                           Weekend!

447        Maria Mena                                                                  Just Hold Me

446        Eiffel 65 Feat. Gabry Ponte                                        Move Your Body

445        DJ BoBo                                                                         Chihuahua

444        Alanis Morissette                                                        Hands Clean

443        Blu Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul                                      Breathe

442        Destiny’s Child                                                              Say My Name

441        Red Hot Chili Peppers                                                 By the Way

440        Sean Paul                                                                       Temperature

439        Sean Kingston                                                               Fire Burning

438        Oasis                                                                               Stop Crying Your Heart Out

437        Jamelia                                                                           Superstar

436        The Darkness                                                                I Believe in a Thing Called Love

435        Nelly Furtado                                                                Maneater

434        A1                                                                                    Caught in the Middle

433        Agnes                                                                              Release Me

432        Bo Kaspers Orkester                                                   En man du tyckte om

431        Macy Gray                                                                     I Try

430        Green Day                                                                     Wake Me up When September Ends

429        Sonique                                                                          Sky

428        Five For Fighting                                                          Superman (It’s Not Easy)

427        a-ha                                                                                 Summer Moved On

426        Diddy Feat. Loon & Usher                                          I Need a Girl (Pt. 1)

425        Minor Majority                                                             Supergirl

424        Beyoncé                                                                         Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

423        The Corrs                                                                       Breathless

422        Blue Feat. Elton John                                                  Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

421        The Pussycat Dolls Feat. Snoop Dogg                     Buttons

420        Christina Aguilera Feat. Missy Elliott                      Car Wash

419        Outkast                                                                           B.O.B. – Bombs Over Baghdad

418        Lifehouse                                                                        Hanging By A Moment

417        Kurt Nilsen                                                                    She’s So High

416        Britney Spears                                                              3

415        Jace Everett                                                                  Bad Things

414        The White Stripes                                                        Hotel Yorba

413        Florence + The Machine                                             You’ve Got The Love

412        Lily Allen                                                                        Fuck You

411        Sum 41                                                                           Fat Lip

410        Fabolous                                                                        Breathe

409        My Chemical Romance                                              Teenagers

408        Damien Rice                                                                  9 Crimes

407        DJ Sammy & Yanoy Feat. Do                                     Heaven

406        Coldplay                                                                         In My Place

405        Celine Dion                                                                    I’m Alive

404        Black Legend                                                                You See the Trouble With Me

403        Bruce Springsteen                                                       The Rising

402        Billy Talent                                                                    Fallen Leaves

401        Akon Feat. Eminem                                                     Smack That

400        Kaizers Orchestra                                                        Kontroll På Kontinentet

399        Skambankt                                                                     O Dessverre

398        Southside Spinners                                                      Luvstruck

397        Arcade Fire                                                                     Wake Up

396        Frightened Rabbit                                                       Keep Yourself Warm

395        Rasmus Seebach                                                          Natteravn

394        Travis                                                                              Sing

393        Rammstein                                                                    Amerika

392        Alice Deejay                                                                  Back in My Life

391        Kasabian                                                                        Fire

390        DJ Løv Feat. Ravi                                                          E-Ore

389        Fleet Foxes                                                                    Mykonos

388        Chris Cornell                                                                 You Know My Name

387        Bob Sinclar Feat. Cutee B, DollarMan, Big Ali & Makedah              Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)

386        Backstreet Boys                                                           Drowning

385        Beyoncé Feat. Bun B & Slim Thug                            Check On It

384        The Raconteurs                                                            Steady, As She Goes

383        The Ark                                                                           Calleth You, Cometh I

382        Santana Feat. The Product G&B                              Maria Maria

381        Iron Maiden                                                                  No More Lies

380        Taylor Swift                                                                   You Belong To Me

379        Zombie Nation                                                             Kernkraft 400

378        M2M                                                                               Don’t Say You Love Me

377        Biffy Clyro                                                                      Bubbles

376        Karpe                                                                              Stjerner

375        Lars Winnerbäck                                                          Elegi

374        Band of Horses                                                             No One’s Gonna Love You

373        Black Eyed Peas                                                           My Humps

372        Jet                                                                                    Look What You’ve Done

371        a-ha                                                                                 Forever Not Yours

370        Daddy DJ                                                                       Daddy DJ

369        Mew                                                                                The Zookeeper’s Boy

368        Robbie Williams                                                           Supreme

367        Cascada                                                                         Evacuate The Dancefloor

366        Aerosmith                                                                      Jaded

365        A1                                                                                    Everytime

364        Amy Winehouse                                                          You Know I’m No Good

363        Avril Lavigne                                                                 My Happy Ending

362        Britney Spears                                                              I’m a Slave 4 U

361        The Airborne Toxic Event                                          Sometime Around Midnight

360        Audioslave                                                                     Be Yourself

359        Linkin Park                                                                     What I’ve Done

358        Alicia Keys                                                                     Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart

357        Celine Dion                                                                    A New Day Has Come

356        JAY-Z Feat. Beyoncé                                                   03′ Bonnie & Clyde

355        Morten Abel                                                                 Don’t Forget Me

354        The Killers                                                                      Somebody Told Me

353        Meat Loaf Feat. Marion Ravn                                   It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

352        Armin van Buuren Feat. DJ Shah & Chris Jones   Going Wrong

351        Bruce Springsteen                                                       Pay Me My Money Down

350        P!nk                                                                                 U + Ur Hand

349        Armand van Helden                                                    My My My

348        Eminem                                                                          Cleanin’ Out My Closet

347        Matchbox Twenty                                                       If You’re Gone

346        Mark Knopfler                                                              Sailing To Philadelphia

345        Liquido                                                                            Play Some Rock

344        E-Type                                                                            Campione 2000

343        Hoobastank                                                                   The Reason

342        R. Kelly                                                                            Ignition – Remix

341        Jaa9 & Onklp                                                                 Kjendisparty

340        R.E.M.                                                                             Leaving New York

339        Enrique Iglesias Feat. Whitney Houston                Could I Have This Kiss Forever

338        Public Enemy                                                                Harder Than You Think

337        Chad Kroeger Feat. Josey Scott                                Hero

336        Basic Element Feat. D-Flex                                        Touch You Right Now

335        Alexandra Burke Feat. Pitbull                                    All Night Long

334        A1                                                                                    Same Old Brand New You

333        Twin Atlantic                                                                 You’re Turning into John Wayne

332        The Offspring Feat. Redman                                     Original Prankster

331        Benassi Brothers Feat. Dhany                                   Every Single Day

330        3 Doors Down                                                              Kryptonite

329        N.E.R.D Feat. Vita & Lee Harvey                               Lapdance

328        The All-American Rejects                                           Gives You Hell

327        Jay Sean Feat. Lil Wayne                                            Down

326        Limp Bizkit                                                                     Behind Blue Eyes

325        Lifehouse                                                                       Sick Cycle Carousel

324        Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros                   Home

323        Muse                                                                               Supermassive Black Hole

322        Inna                                                                                 Hot

321        Taio Cruz Feat. Ludacris                                              Break Your Heart

320        Cheryl Cole                                                                   Fight For This Love

319        Chevelle                                                                         The Red

318        Fuel                                                                                 Hemorrhage (In My Hands)

317        Vengaboys                                                                     Shalala Lala

316        Stereophonics                                                               Dakota

315        Panjabi MC                                                                    Mundian to Bach Ke

314        Ash                                                                                  Burn Baby Burn

313        Da Buzz                                                                           Alive

312        Biffy Clyro                                                                      The Captain

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